With ten years of experience in Skicross races Oberndorf and St. Johann in Tirol is doubtless on top of the ranking in this discipline. On January, 7th, 2012 the 4th FIS Skicross Worldcup takes place on the foot of the Kitzbüheler Horn.

When in the year 2002 the second season of the SAAB Salomon Crossmax Series started, St. Johann in Tirol was mentioned for the first time as an event location on the tour programme. Due to two significant details the race down the so called “Rueppenhang” was outstanding from the very beginning on: it was the only night race in this series and the run down in the valley ended nearly right in the village of St. Johann in Tirol. Consequently high numbers of spectators were guaranteed. St. Johann in Tirol rapidly gained a remarkably good reputation concerning the Skicross races.

In the year 2007 the Worldcup was officially mentioned for the first time. The race hill “Rueppenhang”, where the race took place up to this time, was not suitable for the Worldcup: Differences of heights, lengths of the race track and challenge were perfect for the national series, but not enough for the Worldcup. Due to these reasons the national Skicross race took place in Oberndorf for the first time in the year 2008 – so to say a test run before the candidature for the World Cup! The Bergbahnen St. Johann in Tirol / Oberndorf and the holiday region of St. Johann in Tirol – Oberndorf – Kirchdorf – Erpfendorf still operate as event partners, whereas the handling of the race is now in the hands of the SCO (Ski Club Oberndorf). Despite really bad weather condi-tions (storm and temperatures above 15°degrees) a fantastic Skicross race took place in Oberndorf on the 1st of March 2008, organised by the SCO. After all the gates were open for the World Cup candidature of Oberndorf / St. Johann in Tirol!

The candidature for the World Cup was supported by numerous VIP’s out of sport and politics, such as the chancellor of Austria at the time, Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer and the “football-emperor” Franz Beckenbauer.

The 1st FIS Skicross World Cup on the 5th of January 2009 was a brilliant success. More than 3.000 spectators visited the nightrace in Oberndorf / St. Johann in Tirol. Furthermore the interest of the press was overwhelming. The result is more than 27 hours of TV-reporting and lots of high quality articles in the newspapers.

In the year 2010 the 2nd FIS Skicross World Cup - under the flag of the Olympic Games – was a huge event with more than 5.000 enthusiastic fans celebrating all night long.

At the 3rd FIS Skicross Worldcup 2011 the number of spectators rose again up to 7.000!

The Skicross Worldcup 2012 is on the best way to overtop the results of the former years. The enormous hype, driven by the Olympic Games, also lasts for the Night Cross in Oberndorf / St. Johann in Tirol!